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Welcome to the future of fantasy football gaming. Due to the excitement we have received on our test market, we are now looking to connect this platform with investors and/or larger fantasy sports hosts.  Obviously we can not disclose intricate details, but we are now accepting proposals from interested parties. 

We are confident that this concept will expand the market exponentially. If you are interested in learning more we are currently taking phone and email inquiries.

This Platform's Capability:

  • - Leagues can run with 2 or up to 30+ team owners
  • - Completely Customizable Scoring Systems
  • - Start from week 1, 2, 3 or anytime during the season
  • - Single Game, Week to Week, Full Season, and/or Playoff Competition
  • - Countless Customizable Formats
  • - Extremely Marketable for Media 
  • - Minimal Maintenance for Website Host
  • - All the same excitement and intregue of traditional fantasy sports with a simple twist.
  • - Endless amounts of alterations have been prepared for growth